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【Splendid Moment】Do Tai Ji, Enjoy Chinese Kung Fu

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The Chinese kungfu is known around the world, but TaiJi is the common practice for foreign students to have a direct experience. in order to allow students to experience a different experience in Mandarin Garden, and the school has a tai chi experience activity.

"Taiji" is a term in the Chinese traditional philosophy. It comes from "The Book of Changes". In the time of Song dynasty, the Neo-Confucianist Zhou Dunyi wrote the book "Theory of the Taiji Pictures" and draws "Taiji" into a shape of circle in his "Taiji Picture". The inventors of Taiji are enlightened by this picture and invent taijiquan with the continuous movement of drawing circles in the air as the constant movements, absorbing the skills of guiding the breath with the wills, using the stillness to control the motion in the traditional qigong and Taoist breathing exercises and combining the sets of other kinds of wushu.

The most typical characteristic of taijiquan is to restrain hardness with softness.When taijiquan is being practiced, the movements are smooth and gently slow. It seems that it is of no aggression. But when the taiji masters are in actual combats, they will defeat the opppnents cleverly with the gently slow movements and then strike with the borrowing of the opponents' power and the sudden hardness.

It is proved by the modern medical science that long-time practice of taijiquan canimprove the functions of people's heart and lung, build up people's physique and even make people live longer. Now taijiquan is practiced and loved deeply by people all over the world.

  Splendid Moment  

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