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We have been teaching Mandarin for more than eight years, we have taught more than 6,000 expatriate students and provided over  2,000 of our best Chinese language teachers to various educational institutions all over the world.

A wide range of programs for 16 levels of Chinese, small group classes, private tutoring, business specialized Chinese, Chinese Culture, HSK exam preparation, Chinese teacher training, internship and junior summer programs to help with Learning Chinese.

We ensure the most professional teachers are nurtured via the best training and evaluation system which also guarantees long-term teaching quality and a positive attitude among our teachers.

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  • 3F, No.1358 West Yan'an Rd

    (near Dingxi Road), Shanghai, China

  • Toll free in China: 400-600-2922

    International: +86 21 52589885

  • Inquiries: info@mandaringarden.org

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